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Shan Patel, Principal

I’ve done multiple retail development projects with CTC. Their priority has always been integrity and transparency, regardless of the cost.

Shan Patel, Principal
S&P Interests

Dory Dale

I cannot say enough positive things about my experiences with and the work of CTC Contractors. CTC takes care of their clients, works efficiently, and transforms visions into reality. As a young person opening her first business, I was so grateful for how enjoyable the buildout process was, the quality for the work, and the relationships I built along the way. I looked forward to working with CTC when my second business came along. Needless to say, I would do so again in a heartbeat!

Dory Dale, Owner
Pure Barre Houston

David Payne

The first time I heard of CTC drywall I thought to myself “well I have never heard of these guys,” and as we all are with new companies we are always cautious and have our doubts. After the first project we did with CTC drywall it was very evident that these guys know what they are doing and their attention to detail and sense of urgency is impeccable. My cautiousness and doubts were out the window at that point. Since that first project, which by the way was the first McLaren car dealership in Houston, CTC has worked on numerous other large and small projects for myself and other PMs within our firm. They have proven to be competitive, fast paced, provide excellent quality, and second to none customer service.

David Payne, Senior Project Manager
O’Donnell Snider

Kelly O’Meara

CTC Contractors has always provided 1st class service to my properties. They are very easy to work with, are fair in their pricing and always get the job done. I use CTC Contractors exclusively on all of my properties.

Kelly O’Meara, Property Manager
ShopCore Properties

Andy Brantner

CTC Contractors consistently exceeds our high level of expectations for quality and timely construction.

Andy Brantner
Menchie's Houston

Ford Scott

If I could sum up the people at CTC Contractors in three words I would have to say, quality, dependability, and professionalism.

Ford Scott, Partner
Capital Retail Properties

Michael Collins

CTC Contractors is efficient, easy to work with, and always willing to fix the only thing an owner can see.

Michael Collins, Partner
Eighty Six’d Restaurant Group

Our Clients